Podcasts by the Mind Coach Man are for simplifying life … no I don’t mean living the simple life … living on the farm and passing time by watching the cows and counting chickens … but if that is what you want then let’s simplify your life journey to make that happen.

To simplify life also doesn’t mean to make life easy as in not having life challenges. Why because as you will learn during these podcasts, challenges are what mould you into the person you were born to become. The person you need to be to live your dream.

Simplifying life is achieved by developing the right mindset and that is made possible having the wisdom to perceive with clarity exactly what decisions you need to make in any moment.

Life is a choice and making the right emotional decision in the moment is the catalyst that activates the correct action that you need to take.

It is when you hesitate because you do not have clarity that allows fear to stall your progress. To hold your attention and in doing so convince you that you are not enough.

You were born to live the live you yearn for and the Mind Coach Man podcasts will lead you on a journey of discovery … the discover of your true powers … the powers that you were gifted with to ensure your success.

Simplifying your life will occur as you listen to the podcasts and enjoy revelations of truths .. truths that you will instantly recognise because you have always known them but have never stepped into and made them part of your being.

The podcasts will also share conversations with people just like you who were in the dark places of life … learned the truth of their being and stepped into the light and changed their world.


Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Perception

Episode 3: The Power Tools Of Life

Episode 4: Dark To Light

Episode 5: Personal Value

Episode 6: Spiritual Energies To Help You Manifest Success

Episode 7: Heart Mind Connection

Episode 8: Increasing your Self Belief

Episode 9: Key To Success

Episode 10: Stories And Memories

Episode 11: Time

Episode 12: Overcoming Fear


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