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Life coaching services should come with a try before you buy offer, that would be perfect, wouldn’t it!


“It is rare to meet someone as wise and calm as Terry.

I will forever be grateful for Terry’s willingness, generosity and capacity as a genuine leader, to empower me to be present and believe in myself.

He fueled my grit and determination to gracefully ‘move through’ my own limitations and grow a new found courage and authenticity.

I highly recommend Terry’s ability to reach in and bring out the best, his humanity and fierce heart-centered intentional leadership is exceptional.”

Sandy L
The Body Whisperer


“I have grown as a person and have so much more confidence in my potential to achieve my dreams.

I was struggling to grow my home-based business. Now I am so excited as my business has tripled in size. Not only was I kept accountable to my stated actions and goals, my mindset and self-belief grew as well. I am now on track to achieve my desired life and business outcomes.

Terence has been my guiding light during this time. I highly recommend Terence Pope as a life and business coach and mentor. The growth that will occur for you is very likely to be exponential and life changing.”

Noelene D.
Positive Birth Transformer


” I am now free from where I used to be, where I felt so trapped and unhappy. Although I felt there was more, I did not know what to do or where to look. Terence has become a guiding light over the last eight months. I have Terence to thank for helping to clarify my thinking and showing me what I was trying to discover but couldn’t find the answers myself. I just want to say to you Terence, I am so grateful that you took the time to reach the inner me and then show me my true power, thank you!

If you are looking for someone to guide you on your journey and empower you to become the best version of yourself…you will find that person in Terence Pope.”

Sharon C
Entrepreneur and Model

Simply choosing how valuable a business / mindset coaching service is for your journey cannot be fully appreciated with a few words on a web page.

My mission is to enhance your life and mindset to empower you to become the best version possible of yourself on your life journey. If your interest is in being personally coached and mentored, I offer a free initial consultation so that you can experience the true value of my mind coaching services.

Even if you decide that for some reason I am not right for you, my mission is to empower you. Should you choose to continue benefiting from my services, that will be a blessing for both of us.


There are three ways that you can benefit from my coaching.
1 – Video Presentation Of Webinars
2 – Live Webinars
3 – Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Video Presentation Of Webinars

Everybody deserves access to life changing information, even when they are constrained by limited finances.
If that is you, then the video presentations of my Life By Design webinars are for you.

There are three webinars in the Life By Design series. To receive maximum benefit from the Life By Design series, it is important to view them in order and to view all three webinar videos.

The pre-recorded webinars are available as a package of three videos:
(a) Life Mastery – Overcome 2 Become
(b) Come Alive And Thrive
(c) Success Strategies – Playing To Win

View Video Packages: Click Here

Live Webinars

These are not pre-recorded webinars. They are live and presented by myself, which allows for answering your questions directly.

This is a single webinar that has three segments that connect to empower you to Live Life By Design
(a) Life Mastery – Overcome 2 Become
” To achieve the life you desire, you have to first overcome what has stopped so far. You have to overcome it to become
the person who experiences the life you desire””
(b) Come Alive And Thrive
“Everything in nature was created with the potential to manifest abundance and that includes you.”
(c) Success Strategies – Playing To Win
” 92% of people who set goals and new years resolutions fail. They may have written plans, use vision boards and
visualisation, all great tools but there are internal strategies that they miss. When you learn to activate these
internal strategies you will become one of the 8% who succeed”

For Full Details And Registration: Click Here

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Would you like to have a mind coach available whenever you needed support and mentoring?
Part of my personal mentoring and coaching includes unlimited 15 minute overcoming challenges calls.

Personal coaching and mentoring begins with an initial 90 day program.


If your interest is in personalised mind coaching and mentoring, complete and submit the following information and then use the link below to book you free life design consultation.

Please Answer The Following Questions Before Booking


After receiving your answers to the questions, I will contact you via email to arrange a suitable time for your free consultation.